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Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Samsung Android SureFox for Samsung Devices with Android 4.2.2 and above now is powered by Samsung KNOX. This means, for the mentioned devices, there is no rooting required to enable advance lockdown features like: Disabling Other Home Screen Disabling Safe Mode Disabling Factory Reset Disabling Multi Window Disabling USB Disabling Hardware Keys With an inbuilt option - Enable Samsung KNOX, you can enable following lockdown features without rooting: Features Details Disable other Home Screen Disables all other installed Home Screen along with device's Default Home Screen. Disable Safe Mode Disables users from entering Safe Mode using hardware keys on the device. Disable Factory Reset Disables users from resetting device to factory settings. This is much helpful if you have allowed Settings as an allowed application and do not want... (more)

How to Remotely Lock iPhone and iPad to Single Application using SureLock iOS?

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform iOS 7/8 SureLock locks down your iPhone and iPads with just one application running in the foreground all the time with disabled Home Button, Notifications and Control Center. Getting started with SureLock is easy. All you need to do is: - enroll the device with your SureLock account - use SureLock Web Console to select an application and create a lockdown profile - push the lockdown profile remotely to the device.  Here are the steps you can follow to lock your iPads and iPhones in Single Application Mode: Note: Please make sure that you ha... (more)

Remote Unattended Silent Installation of Applications on Samsung SAFE and KNOX Devices

Applies to: Product SureMDM Platform Samsung Android There are now host of features in SureMDM which allows remote management of Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) and Samsung KNOX devices (Android 4.2.2 and above) without any rooting. Silent installation of mobile applications is one of such features. Remote Silent Installation allows you to install mobile applications or update software remotely without any manual intervention from the end users and without any interferences on the device. Here is how you can perform remote unattended silent installation: 1. Login to SureMDM Web Con... (more)

Configure Email Account Remotely on Your Android Devices with SureMDM

Applies to: Product SureMDM Platform Samsung Android There are times when you have to quickly setup an email account on a device which is not physically present with you or times when you have to configure set of email accounts on hundreds of Android devices. The whole process may require numerous calls to technical support to set up the account or individual attention to all those devices. This can be tedious, frustrating and time-consuming. With the new feature in SureMDM - Email Configuration Settings, you can now remotely configure email accounts on Samsung Android devices (4... (more)

Reduce battery consumption while using SureFox

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Android Sensible use of CPU by turning it ON or OFF whenever required can reduce the consumption of device battery power. SureFox  has now an inbuilt option prevent CPU usage ON or OFF. This makes sure that your Android device is not consuming battery power when it is not in use. Follow below mentioned steps to turn CPU OFF when device is not in active use. 1. Access SureFox Settings by tapping on the screen 5 times within 3 seconds 2. Enter the SureFox Settings password 3. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Display Settings 4. On Display Se... (more)