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Applies to: Product SureMDM Platform Samsung Android There are times when you have to quickly setup an email account on a device which is not physically present with you or times when you have to configure set of email accounts on hundreds of Android devices. The whole process may require numerous calls to technical support to set up the account or individual attention to all those devices. This can be tedious, frustrating and time-consuming. With the new feature in SureMDM - Email Configuration Settings, you can now remotely configure email accounts on Samsung Android devices (4.2.2 and above)  located anywhere in the world. SureMDM is Samsung KNOX and SAFE compliant. Follow below mentioned steps to remotely configure an email account on a Samsung Android device (4.2.2 and above): 1. Install latest version of SureMDM Nix Agent on your Samsung Android device 2. C... (more)

Remotely Control Samsung Android Devices with SureMDM

Applies to: Product SureMDM Platform Samsung Android Are you considering your android device as an unattended kiosk? Are your deployed devices constantly on the move? Has providing technical support for mobile devices become difficult? SureMDM lets you monitor, track and update your Android devices remotely. And now, with the release of new remote control feature in SureMDM for Samsung Android Devices, it is not only possible to view the screen of the device on your web console but also to take control of the device remotely. The new feature will empower IT administrators and Help... (more)

How to upload files using Upload Server in SureFox for iOS?

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS SureFox has an inbuilt server which can be used for uploading files from your computer to Surefox Documents Directory using web browsers like Chorme. This means no constant syncing of device with iTunes to upload files. Follow below mentioned steps to upload files using SureFox Upload Server: 1. Tap SureFox Homescreen 5 times within 3 seconds to launch the password prompt 2. Enter your password and tap on OK 3. Once on SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences 4. On Browser Preference Screen, turn on Enable Upload Server option 5... (more)

SureLock Studio supports WM 6.5 devices

We have done extensive testing of SureLock on WM 6.5 environment and the software has behaved perfectly well. That puts WM 6.5 on the supported list of platforms. Here is the latest list: Supported Platforms: * Windows Mobile 6.5 (Classic & Professional) * Windows Mobile 6.1 (Classic & Professional) * Windows Mobile 6.0 (Classic & Professional) * Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition) If you have any questions or feedback about SureLock Studio, please let us know. ... (more)

Windows Azure Tips & Tricks

So you deployed your brand-new ASP.NET web application to Azure cloud. All seems to be working perfectly until a user tried to upload large amount of data (approx. over 30MB) through your application UI. Unfortunately the operation failed. Surprisingly small file uploads works just fine. To fix the problem you need to ensure that the following configuration is made in the web.config file. Here value of maxRequestLength is in KB so that makes it 100MB. Having a bigger executionTimeOut value ensures that the file uplo... (more)