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Latest version of AirLink now supports scheduled connections. With this feature the mobile devices won’t need to be connected with the server all the time. The device can be configured to connect to the server at a scheduled time everyday. Once the connection is established at the scheduled time, the AirLink MDM server will send any pending jobs to the device. If there are no pending jobs, the device will disconnect and will attempt the connection again at the same time next day. Admin can apply jobs even if the device is not connected at the time. Jobs are queued on the server. They are applied on the devices when they connect to the server which can at mid-night 12:00 a.m. everyday. Check out the latest version. ... (more)

Microsoft Commits to Continue Support for Ruggedized Handheld Market

Ruggedized handhelds are a class of mobile devices that are designed to run mission critical applications while withstanding the harsh environments. Several OEM like Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, Psion Teklogix, Honeywell have been building ruggedized handhelds for several years now. Most of these devices are based on Micrsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. Recent whitepaper from VDC Research says that Microsoft has 87% share in this market. All these OEMs together shipped around 2.3 million devices in 2009, which is projected to reach 4.3 million by 2014. Besides ... (more)

Windows Azure Tips & Tricks

So you deployed your brand-new ASP.NET web application to Azure cloud. All seems to be working perfectly until a user tried to upload large amount of data (approx. over 30MB) through your application UI. Unfortunately the operation failed. Surprisingly small file uploads works just fine. To fix the problem you need to ensure that the following configuration is made in the web.config file. Here value of maxRequestLength is in KB so that makes it 100MB. Having a bigger executionTimeOut value ensures that the file uplo... (more)

Getting Rid of Flickering in .NET CF Forms. . .

.NET Compact Framework doesnt provide builtin double buffering for forms. In case you have multiple custom drawn user controls on a form, loading will mostly show flickr. Overriding OnPaint and drawing the form and its child controls to an offscreen bitmap before putting it out to actual display is expected to solve this. But, once a child control is added to another container control, overriding OnPaint of the parent container control doesnt allow you to paint the child as the child's client rect is clipped out from the graphics object passed to parent's OnPaint. The solution to... (more)

Installation and Setup of SureMDM Device Agent on Android devices

SureMDM Device Agent also known as SureMDM Nix is a part of SureMDM software and is installed on the mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This Agent communicates with the SureMDM Server over wireless, wired or cellular data network. The Agent is a critical component responsible for updating device information on the server and for executing instructions sent by the server. Installation and setup of SureMDM Device Agent on Android devices is a very easy and quick process. Install Nix on your Android device. You can install it from Google Play or download it from http://surem... (more)